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This project can be traced back to May 2009. But it actually started to take shape on July 2009 when I adopted the 16-bits double-buffer architecture that have survived until now. That was one year and two months ago. More that one thousand dollars have been spent since then in components, connectors and prototyping boards (very expensive stuff!).

As per today, most of the circuits have been drawn, some have been built and tested and a mountain of ideas about system software and applications has grown little by little, but only on paper because there is not way for testing them now.

An assembler (H1ASM) and a simulator (H1SIM) are being developed in Borland Turbo Pascal 3 using an old MS-DOS PC. When these two are ready it will be possible to start the software development process even before finishing the actual computer.

What I am trying to build now is a "lab implementation" of the CPU. The Console and most of their support boards have being built and tested. Once I have the Console and the Backplane, the project should speed up as the console will help tremendously in testing the rest of the circuits.

The project had been on hold for a long period. I'm retaking the project now starting by reviewing drawings and concepts to make sure I'm walking on firm ground.

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