LC-81 Homebrew Minicomputer


This project is about designing, building, programming and utilizing a mini-computer based on Zilog Z80 microprocessor.


This section covers the operation of the Master Controller (MC) and the other different units that comprises the LC-81 minicomputer.


This section describes the computer's hardware in great details including theory of operation and schematics of the different LC-81 units.


LC-81 Software is currently in its infancy. It is being written in assembly language using an Linux PC as developer machine (it was done in a MS-DOS PC before).

Applications can vary from stand-alone programs taking control of the whole machine, to better structured ones relying on system software existing in the MC-EPROM or previously loaded into RAM.

A primitive operating system (LCCP) is currently under development.


This section contains specs for current and future developments, written ahead of time with the purpose of mature ideas before getting into implementation.


This section summarizes technical information for quick reference. Latest listing and schematics can be found in here.



An incomplete list of books and external links consulted during the development of this project.

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