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This project is about designing and building a HOMEBREW MINI-COMPUTER out of SSI/MSI ICs.
--It has been put on hold for tackling a simpler one named: LC-81


Heritage/1 is (or will be) a basic 16-bits homebrew minicomputer built with the purpose of learning the basis of computer design in an intimate way. However, I'm aimed to produce a machine reasonably fast and capable of doing some useful work.


Forecast Answers to (possible) Questions

Engineer's Manual

This manual constitutes a complete reference for the Engineer in charge of servicing and enhancing the machine. It contains detailed explanations on how the different circuits actually work as well as the underlying philosophy that inspired the design. Block and Time Diagrams, Tables and Schematics are also provided.

Operator's Manual

This manual is intended for personnel, such as Operators in a Data Center, in charge of operating the computer in a daily basis.

Programmer's Manual

At the time of writing this note, the HASM assembler and the HSIM simultaor are being developed. The true purpose of this manual is to serve as spec to that effort.


This book contains "historical" information about the progress of the project. It is more personal than technical. Tech matters are placed in different Manuals.


Not too many pictures as Heritage/1 has not born yet.


This book contains links to other projects and other resources that I used during my research.

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Project start date: May 13 of 2009